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URGENT MESSAGE!!!  At the present time, we cannot accept payments through our online store.  Orders should be placed via EMAIL ONLY until further notice.  Your order will be invoiced through PayPal then you can make payment thru PayPal.  This is a temporary inconvenience that will be rectified before January 1, 2017. 

We sincerely appreciate your business and ask for your patience while we figure out a better solution. 

2016 NEWS FLASH!!!  We have added 3 (THREE!) new colors for 2016 - Catfish, Mud Puppy and Silver Sucker (all shown below).  And back by popular demand, old favorites - Orange Tiger and West Branch!!! 

(See all colors/styles available in our Sizes/Prices/Color Chart.)


Mud Puppy

Silver Sucker

Please go to our Ordering/Shipping Info page to understand specific instructions as to how to complete the order after making payment through PayPal (you MUST return to Muskie Thrills).  It is very important to review this information as order placement will fail (even though payment was made), if all steps are not completed.  So, please follow the instructions carefully!!!


MUSKIE THRILLS, established in 2001, sells the 5-1/2" Jointed Muskie Killer, 6" Straight Deep Diver, 7-1/2" Jointed Headshaker, and 8" Jointed Muskie King style Wiley Lures.  (See Sizes/Prices/Color Chart.) These lures can be used for either casting or trolling and are available in over 34 unique color schemes!  We also offer hand-tied leaders made with genuine Sampo snaps and shrink-wrapped ties.  Click here to start shopping!  (Turn off Pop-Up Blocker!)

WILEY LURES is located in Ellwood City, PA and is solely owned and operated by Dale Wiley. For over 30 years, he has been making these lures by hand and continues to do so today. There are no "cutting corners" and no "mass production". Our customers know that Dale’s meticulous manufacturing process and attention to detail assures you get what you pay for - a top-quality, dependable product.

Wiley Lures are crafted from cedar and airbrush painted with top-quality polyurethane. Dale uses his own unique layering process to create intricate colors, scales, and patterns to accurately portray the look of musky, walleye, perch, bass, shiner, and more. Each lure is assembled by hand using stainless steel hardware, Mustad or VMC hooks, Lexan lips, decal or plastic eyes, and given a double layer of clear coat to add extra shine and durability. Individually tested in a local pond to assure proper action, each and every Wiley Lure comes to you ready to hit the water right out of the box!

As everyone knows, a top-quality product such as Wiley Lures takes time to make. We ask that you plan your purchase(s) accordingly to allow us to get the lures to you in time for tournaments, fishing trips, vacations, gifts, etc. We will ship your order as soon as possible. Orders are processed as they are received and we will NEVER sacrifice quality to "rush shipment".  We pay particular attention to our backlog and may disable our on-line store from time to time as necessary to control order volume.  Read our "Ordering/Shipping Info" for more details. We guarantee Wiley Lures are well worth waiting for!

Be advised - we do NOT "rush" any orders, offer quantity discount pricing, or sell unpainted lures therefore all requests for such will be denied.

      "Don't Be Fooled by Imitations"!  
      The "Wiley Lure" name is on every
       lure belly to verify authenticity.  If
       it's not there, it's NOT an  original        
                     Wiley Lure.

Refer to  Ordering/Shipping Info  for important information, then visit our How Deep Will They Go page for advice on lure running depth, check out our Color Chart to see pics of what we offer, and don't forget to take a look at our Photo Album and see "personal best catches" of our Wiley Lure fans!  

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We highly recommend our quality, hand-tied casting & trolling leaders, available in 14", 36" & 48" lengths.  Made with 120# rated multi-strand coated wire featuring genuine Sampo 150# Coast Lock Swivel Snaps and shrink wrapped ties.  These are a must have for your tackle box!  Click here to visit our store (turn off Pop-Up Blocker).                                     

PHOTO ALBUM:  View the awesome photos submitted by our Wiley Lure Fans!!!

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